The quality rustic piece of furniture or product you have purchased has been crafted and hand finished by craftsmen using only the finest timber. It is important to understand the natural characteristics of this product and how best to maintain it.

Guidance on how to protect and care for your wood products.

Solid wood is a living material. In damp or dry conditions, it expands or retracts.
Such movement is normal and can result in slight alterations of the material.
To minimise this we strongly recommend that you
position your product away from direct sunlight, heat sources which can cause cracking and discolouration as the moisture level of your room can vary according to the season, we strongly advise that such atmospheric conditions should be controlled and regulated.


Νo two pieces of wood will ever be identical therefore
no two of our wood products will look the same.

Εach piece carries its own character and can behave
differently when engraved & finished.

Any spills should be soaked up as soon as possible.

To clean, simply wipe the wood with a soft damp cloth.

Avoid the use of over the counter cleaning products and/or solvent-based silicon or wax polishes.

In the event of minor damage or scratch, a high quality hard bees wax can be used to restore the
original appearance of the item.