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Custom iPhone XS Max x Gold MK1


Limited production run: Gold or Silver Metallic paint in our designs.

Part of our superior cases range, the plastic that clips on your iPhone has a soft, matt flexible feel to it which makes it virtually unbreakable!

The rear wood panel is made from 100% solid wood giving you a real sense of depth with our intricate engraving designs. 

Our cases are made with the upmost regard for attention to detail.
It’s simple, if we wouldn’t buy them ourselves then they won’t ship out from us.
All our timber is sourced sustainably and machined to produce as little waste as possible. 

Each case carries our brand name and is varnished to make your case as weatherproof as possible. Just don’t take it swimming!

  • Lightweight, hybrid material - a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone.
  • A very dense and smooth rubber, made to slide in and out of the pocket, without attracting lint.
  • Due to the nature of wood, just like humans no two cases are the same.